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2018-10-03Engagement Opportunity for Young People

Join a dialogue call with other young people who are interested in advocating for Self-Directed Education. If you’re a young person age 17 or younger, […]

2018-09-28LIVE Ask Me Anything With a Panel of Young People

Plus: Advocacy opportunities, and an interview with Friends of the Modern School

2018-09-21Protect Our Right to Self-Directed Education

Make your voice heard in this important process

2018-08-21New Website Resources, How to Quit Parenting, and more...

Discover more ways to get involved in the SDE movement.

2018-07-18Anthony Galloway, Jr. AMA Today!

Plus: How students view school as a prison that is deteriorating their mental health and passion for learning.

2018-07-12Meet: Anthony Galloway Jr.

Heartwood ALC co-founder blends SDE with social justice.

2018-07-05Teen Support, Facilitator Trainings, Screen Time, and more...

The Peer Unschooling Network is connecting teens with each other.

2018-06-14Shilpa Jain’s “Ask Me Anything” Event Today

Helping young leaders change the world.

2018-06-09Jammin’ with Shilpa Jain

Our next AMA guest is helping young people change the world.

2018-05-17Pam Laricchia: “Ask Me Anything” NOW!

Unschooling mom, author, and podcaster is ready to answer your questions...

2018-05-12The Joy of Unschooling, with Pam Laricchia

Pam will host our next AMA.

2018-04-27Liberated Learners president Joel Hammon: “Ask Me Anything”

Find out how Joel was inspired by the late, great Robin Williams: watch his TEDx Talk...

2018-03-28AMA “Do-Over” + Tipping Points Columnists

Do you have stories to tell?

2018-03-22Today’s AMA with Dayna Martin starts at noon/ET (9am/PT)

Dayna is the author of Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun.

2018-03-17Announcements Galore!

Are you missing these important announcements about SDE events?

2018-03-08Today’s AMA with Tomis Parker starts at noon/ET (9am/PT)

Co-founder of the Agile Learning Centers (ALC) Network and member of the ASDE organizing team.

2018-03-02Building SDE Communities

Because “it takes a village...”

2018-02-23Today’s AMA with Jeremy Stuart starts at noon/ET (9am/PT)

Director of Class Dismissed and Self-Taught, documentaries about homeschooling and SDE.

2018-02-16We Love Unschooling!

Let’s examine the meaning of unschooling as it relates to Self-Directed Education.

2018-02-08Today’s AMA with Chris Mercogliano starts at noon/ET (9am/PT)

He’s a 35-year+ veteran of the Free School movement, and you’re invited to pick his brain!