Posted 2020-01-22

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The Alliance is working on offering webinars on a variety of Self-Directed Education topics, and we want to know what interests you the most! If you’re interested, please fill out our survey to help inform which topics we focus on.

URGENT!! Dat School (New Orleans) is looking for a facilitator who is open to being recruited through the Americorps program. The position starts now and runs until the end of May. Food & lodging support, and extra stipend is possible! See here for more info, and do not hesitate to contact them with any questions you have.

EPIC Life Learning Community is looking for an inspired educator who believes in self-direction. Peaceful, inclusive community, 30 hrs per week. Carrollton, TX. For more information, please call 214-773-4232 between 9am and 4pm or email

Self-Directed Education Resources & Events

Maleka Diggs and Akilah S. Richards have created the workbook Developing a Disruptor’s Ear. This is a workbook for learning how to listen (despite schoolishness and pervasive whiteness) and what to do with what you’re hearing. This workbook will help you identify the characteristics, patterns, and problematic outcomes of harmful, normalized practices, and more. You can order your copy here.

If you are a young person looking to connect the Peer Unschooling Network is a great place to find an online community of other young people that are practicing, or interested in, Self-Directed Education.

The Family Adventure Summit, an in-person gathering of up to 400 people intent on living with purpose and adventure, is taking place on September 5th-9th, 2020. Whether you’ve been traveling long-term with your family for years, or you’re just considering doing something different, you can come meet other families who are traveling their own path at this Summit. Find out more here.

The Intro to Liberated Learners webinar is happening on Monday, January 27th, from 7-8pm EST. This webinar is free and open to anyone looking to learn more about the Liberated Learners model.

The monthly local SDE groups online meeting is on Thursday, Janaury 30th at 8pm EST. This meeting is for people who are currently, or are interested in, organizing a local SDE group in their area. If you would like to join, or want to learn more about the local SDE groups initiative, email

Have another resource or offering to share? Please post it in the News & Announcements section of our forums!

Volunteer Opportunities

ASDE is looking for a graphic designer to help us design our information pamphlets.

We also are looking for individuals who can gather and enter resources (such as books, podcasts, videos, articles, and more) into our Resource Directory.

We need support consistently finding diverse, SDE-aligned content for our social media pages.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the above volunteer opportunities.

We are always looking for passionate volunteers who want to get involved, and you can see our list of ongoing projects and volunteer needs here.

Tipping Points

The online magazine from the Alliance for Self-Directed Education, designed to amplify and celebrate the voices of our movement.

[photo] Re-Directed Attention
Or, what would Dr. Peter Gray’s, “What Einstein, Twain, & Forty Eight Others Said About School” sound like sourced from my library.
Abby Oulton
[photo] "What if..."
An exploration of the "what ifs" surrounding Self-Directed Education.
Jenni Mahnaz
[photo] School Culture is Really Strange
Reading Ramona the Pest as a self directed learner highlights how arbitrary school conventions really are.
Naomi Fisher
[photo] The Limits of Trusting Children
Children should be trusted to make the decisions that are relevant to their education and life. Self-Directed Education requires that adults trust children. However, there are limits to that trust.
Antonio Buehler
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