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2020-03-20Self-Directing in Isolation

What does it mean to self-direct in an isolated world?

2020-03-18Community Updates on COVID-19

Ten members of SDE communities discuss their reactions to COVID-19 and quarantine.

2020-03-12Life Is an Adventure

One person’s decision to direct their own education and why doing it should be the norm.

2020-02-20Adult Playgrounds

Modeling play and freedom for adults (in hopes that it will help some adults deschool).

2020-01-30From “Video Game Addict” to Computer Programmer

A lifelong unschooler and recent “graduate” of self-directed program Pathfinder Community School transitioned from being obsessed with Minecraft to mastering multiple computer languages in less than a year.

2020-01-02How I Learn(ed)

“But... How did you learn the things that you needed to know?” ​ Everyone involved in SDE knows the common questions — “How did you […]

2019-12-12On Play

Exploring the role of play in our lives: what it is, why we do it, and it’s extrinsic and intrinsic value.

2019-10-03Dragons and the Art of Letting Go

Parenting perspective on children’s autonomy in their appearance

2019-08-01Swimming in the Deep End

What happens when we walk alongside our kids instead of throwing up invisible boundaries.

2019-05-22Is Homeschooling Just Coercive Education at Home, or Can It Be Self-Directed Education?

Reflections on a homeschooling journey.

2018-11-12The Unschooled Engineer

How a teenager who has been unschooling can begin preparation for academic study of STEM.

2018-10-24Just Be In Relationship

Trust and authenticity are central to the practice of Self-Directed Education.

2018-09-11The American School System Is Destroying The Voice Of Young Writers

The strict guidelines of a graded writing system destroys passionate writing in schools.

2018-08-07Now I Need Two Theories

How I learned that my kids are different

2018-07-10Stop Putting Subjects into Hierarchies

As SDE parents, it is often one of the last habits we have to break.

2018-06-12My Faith Led Me to Unschooling

By digging deeper into my faith, I learned what it means to be a family that learns together

2018-05-22The Power of Curiosity

Self-Directed Education gives curiosity space to do its magic

2018-04-10SDE and Special Snowflake Syndrome

Self-directed is commonly assumed to mean self-centered and self-important

2018-03-27Your Children Are Not Your Property

So why do so many of us treat them that way?

2018-03-20Wanted: A Few Good Females

Why is it that parents, who come to see the value in a Free School education, think it might be just the thing for their son, but don’t want to rock the boat for their “well-adjusted” daughter?