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Early Childhood Programs

Places where very young children engage primarily in self-directed play, including play-based daycare, childcare, and “preschool” programs.

ALC Mosaic

An independent “K-12 school” for self-directed learners and a half-day “pre-K” for ages 2-4 — an Agile Learning Community that uses agile tools for self-organization and intentional culture creation.

Blue Bridge School

Blue Bridge is an independent, Agile Learning Center located in Grand Rapids, MI. We provide Self-Directed Education in an environment that values liberation, social responsibility, and community.

Cottonwood Cooperative, NYC

A learning cooperative where education is community-focused, democratic, nature-inspired, and project/play-based.

Explora ALC

Explora ALC is a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) organization committed to igniting the fire of curiosity in all people, radically shifting the way we think about learning, education and what it means to be in community. We support learners ages 4-18.

Gastonia Freedom School

A pre-K to 8 private school and homeschool resource center for self-directed children with disabilities.

Kinone Agile Learning Center

Established in 2023 as the nation’s first and only bilingual center, offers liberatory education for all amidst the serene mountain landscape, empowering learners to explore and grow in a truly immersive environment.

Learn Beyond The Book

Resource center providing a-la-carte classes and events that students choose in locations in LA County, from preschool age through high school. Also provides a community for homeschoolers and coaching and training to help families understand SDE.

Piedmont Forest School

We have Nature-based programs for ages 15 months to 14 years, with our largest program being Forest Kindergarten for ages 30 mos to 6 years. Children engage in unstructured free play in the woods. We are likely expanding soon to include indoors.

Rivers & Roads ALC

A self-directed alternative to traditional schooling for students in Oklahoma City ages 3-18.

Village Home Education Resource Center

An inclusive homeschooling support community with campuses in Beaverton, NE Portland, and Salem, offering a variety of elective classes, activities, and other resources for homeschooling and unschooling families.

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