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NOTE: Online "virtual" communities are included in this category only if they feature some form of live interaction like video-conferencing. Other online groups (e.g., forums, email groups, Facebook groups) are listed under "Information & Media Websites".

Aarohi Open Learning Community

Aarohi is an Open Learning Community for learners of all ages and abilities, for all interests, styles, and content areas. Learning by doing what, and how, one wants and self-reflection. A community to CoLive, CoLearn and CoSupport each other.

Artist at Heart LLC

Artist at Heart is a community-focused organization that provides mentorship and support to self-directed artists and makers through online offerings, community events and a cooperative gallery.

Flying Squad - Brooklyn

An SDE community specifically designed to encourage young people to take back their city and to again be accepted in society as autonomous individuals in a communal space.

Hilltown Families: Community-Based Education Network

Established in 2005, Hilltown Families is a community-based education network which highlights the embedded learning found throughout Western Massachusetts, making the information accessible online to self-directed and life-long learners wanting to g


Project of a public Learning Centre for Democracy, Mindfulness and Self-direction in Luxembourg

My Reflection Matters Village

A secular, virtual co-learning community for primarily BIPOC families seeking support in raising and educating free people.


A summer camp, school start-up, and training center for SDE parents & facilitators, centered around the eight pillars of connection, trust, self-management, play, democracy, agility, inclusiveness and holism. Locations in Ghent and Mortsel.

Rock Tree Sky

A K-12 learning community where youth have the freedom and responsibility to direct their education with the support of caring adults, in a dynamic open-walled environment.

Self Design Graduate Institute

Self Directed Masters Program with many dedicated faculty experts to choose from and learn with, using video conferencing and low residence locales.

The Unschool Files

This space is a launch pad for all things related to The Unschool Files Community – a worldwide network of parents, caregivers and facilitators centered on Self-Directed Education and living without school.

The Unschool Files Discord Server

The Unschool Files Community Discord is a worldwide network of parents, caregivers and facilitators who are living life without school with young people, through Self-Directed Education and partnership parenting.

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