Posted 2019-10-28

Learn More About What ASDE Is up to This Fall

For those of us north of the equator, summer has changed into fall. There’s an interesting shift in the fall, even for those of us who don’t follow a conventional school calendar. Summer trainings and retreats are mostly in the past, unschooling activities tend to shift depending on the change in weather and open community resources. Many SDE Schools and learning centers are getting into the rhythm of their first few months back.

Does fall mark a shift in your lives? Do things feel relatively the same despite the change in weather? Does your family prefer the cozy activities of the fall, or the warm outdoor activities of the summer?

For ASDE, things are shifting in our projects as we make use of our grant, focusing in on our Library Initiative as we work to make self-directed education accessible in more communities.

If you are looking for a local SDE community and haven’t joined our local SDE group initiative yet, take a look at how to get involved here. Monthly meetings for organizers of these groups have been a great time to connect with others from all over the world.

The Resource Directory is filling up with new SDE Communities all over the world. We are always looking for new resources to be added, particularly schools, co-ops, or learning centers. You can add a resource here.

As always, Tipping Points Magazine has an open call for submissions. If you feel you need support in your writing, don’t let that deter you from submitting your story — our editors are happy to work with you.

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[photo] Healing Humanity One Reconnected Learner at a Time
Former teacher challenges readers to re-envision schools as a place to support children’s self-discovery which positively affects us all.
Missy Willis
[photo] Not-Back-to-School Survival Thriving
End of summer may highlight the social nonconformity of living without school, but it can also be a time for celebrating the family’s moves toward what actually works, and witnessing thriving!
Katie Lane-Karnas
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Alexander Khost
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Unschooling or SDE Schools: What we all need is community
Bria Bloom
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