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2019-04-19Announcement from the ASDE Board of Directors

2019-04-16Self-Directed Education Thread at This Year’s AERO Conference

Offerings will include Facilitating SDE, a Self-Directed Education Panel, Racial Equity in SDE, and more...

2019-04-01Who is Alexander Khost?

Meet the Editor-in-Chief of Tipping Points Magazine, whose involvement extends to many facets of the SDE world.

2019-03-22What is the Self-Directed Education Community up to?

Conferences, events, open houses, webinars, and other news.

2019-03-05What is ASDE up to?

The Library Initiative, AERO Conference, and ways to get involved.

2019-01-31An Update on the Year to Come

Plus: Thank you for your contributions to ASDE’s fundraiser

2019-01-23The Alliance: Diversity is our strength

Bringing together the voices, experiences, and practices of the SDE movement

2018-12-13Who is Bria Bloom?

Meet the grown unschooler who is helping ASDE stay organized and effective.

2018-12-08Share Your #SelfieDirected Story!

PLUS: Just Be in Relationship

2018-11-17Remembering John Taylor Gatto

One of the most admired and renowned critics of compulsory schooling.

2018-11-10Ask Us Anything Podcast Episode Now Available!

PLUS: Organized Sports Are Not Play

2018-10-22Teen Self-Directed Learners Podcast and AMA Today!

You’re invited to discover the worlds of three self-educating teens.

2018-10-04Contribute to the Resource Directory

PLUS: An advocacy meeting for young people involved in SDE

2018-10-03Engagement Opportunity for Young People

Join a dialogue call with other young people who are interested in advocating for Self-Directed Education. If you’re a young person age 17 or younger, […]

2018-09-28LIVE Ask Me Anything With a Panel of Young People

Plus: Advocacy opportunities, and an interview with Friends of the Modern School

2018-09-21Protect Our Right to Self-Directed Education

Make your voice heard in this important process

2018-08-21New Website Resources, How to Quit Parenting, and more...

Discover more ways to get involved in the SDE movement.

2018-07-18Anthony Galloway, Jr. AMA Today!

Plus: How students view school as a prison that is deteriorating their mental health and passion for learning.

2018-07-12Meet: Anthony Galloway Jr.

Heartwood ALC co-founder blends SDE with social justice.

2018-07-05Teen Support, Facilitator Trainings, Screen Time, and more...

The Peer Unschooling Network is connecting teens with each other.