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Playgroups & Park Days

Regular, casual gatherings of SDE-oriented families where people of all ages are free to socialize and engage in self-directed play.

Austin Unschoolers

A group created to foster community among unschooling families in Austin. This is a space for sharing information, organizing meet-ups, discussing relevant topics, and supporting one another.

Berkshire Freedom Academy

Berkshire Freedom Academy is the Berkshires first self-directed education center and community hub for all branches of the homeschooling umbrella but with a focus on self-direction.

Big Oak Homeschoolers

A diverse group of fun, friendly, welcoming unschoolers and gentle homeschoolers in the Sacramento area. Our active membership includes families with children ranging in age from infants to teens.

Branches Unschoolers of Pinellas County

Our goal is to have many options for unschoolers in Pinellas County to get together; including park days, family potlucks, holiday gatherings, project days, and more.

Cheyenne, Wyoming Homeschoolers and Unschoolers

A group for local homeschoolers and unschoolers where we can connect, get to know each other better, share ideas, ask and answer questions, post local events and community activities, plan get-togethers and play groups.

Chicagoland Unschoolers

A place for unschooling families from the Chicago area to plan meet-ups and outings, share inspiration, and just generally feel at home.

DFW Unschooling Families

A social group that includes unschoolers as well as homeschoolers who regularly meet for exploration, fun and adventure.

Empower Oceanside

Empower Oceanside Unschooling Co-Op is for children of any age and their parents and,or caregivers. This is an opportunity to be in community weekly. For kids to engage in open-ended, child-led play and activities while the adults unlearn together.

Espaço Voa

The Espaço Voa is a living environment where families, educators, collaborators, and children are given tools to move between self-knowledge, transformation, and connection. Our goal is developing creative potential inside each one.

F.R.E.E. Play!

F.R.E.E Play – Families Respectfully Exploring Education and Play. We have weekly multi-age co-ops, park days, and field trips!

Families Learning Freely

A meet-up group for unschooling-compatible families in the Greater Houston area. Our purpose in creating this group is to enrich and expand our lives within a secure community of supportive families.

Florida Unschooling Adventures

This is a group for all types of unschooling adventures in Florida. It is a place to support the unschooling community and all members are welcome to post events and meet ups. Let’s have FUN!

Fort McMurray Funschool Friday

A collection of homeschooling/unschooling families in Fort McMurray that meets every week at a park, the library, or someone’s home for conversation, snacks and free play for all ages.

Funschooling (Winchester, VA)

A group for homeschooling families to plan events, co-ops, classes, or recreation dates in the Winchester and surrounding areas. We are happy to host questions, discuss and share notes. We honor all types of homeschooling styles.

Gilbert Play and Learn

Creating a play and learning group where our kids can make friends and learn and moms can enjoy time with other wonderful moms :)

Greensboro Area Unschoolers

A group for for pursuing and exploring unschooling ideas as well as having events that are experience based and easily child led instead of curriculum based, in and around Greensboro, NC.

HUGS | SF (Homeschoolers+Unschoolers Group Support)

HUGS is an inclusive all ages, babies to adults, play day that honors diversity in all its forms and expressions, seeks to find commonalities, and provides support for families wherever they are in their exploration of homeschooling and unschooling.

Homegrown Kids

A secular group of unschoolers and relaxed homeschoolers in the Twin Cities south metro suburbs.

Homeschool Park Days

This local meet up group was created to provide a community in the Jacksonville, NC area for relaxed homeschoolers and unschoolers, regardless of religious/secular and political beliefs.

Homeschooling LA

The purpose of this group is to foster in person connections and real friendships. We welcome all homeschoolers/unschoolers that are currently homeschooling/unschooling in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas or are getting ready to start!

Illinois Unschoolers

A place for families who are unschooling in Illinois to connect, share, inspire, and play.

Indianapolis' Freeschoolers/Lifeschoolers

A group of unschoolers of different lifestyles, beliefs, & cultures who are committed to being lovingly inclusive to all. We organize park days, field trips, clubs, & meetups and we hope you’ll join us.

Kauai Unschoolers

Whole life learning on Kauai. Learning joyfully through island excursions, gaming, deep nature play, permaculture, and child led experiments. We aim to grow our unschooling community through meetups, excursions, game play dates, and potlucks.

Kinone Agile Learning Center

Established in 2023 as the nation’s first and only bilingual center, offers liberatory education for all amidst the serene mountain landscape, empowering learners to explore and grow in a truly immersive environment.

Lancaster Secular Homeschoolers

We are a secular-based homeschool group in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania that fits somewhere between structured book learning and unschooling.

Las Vegas Life Learners

Welcome to the Las Vegas Valley’s Unschooling support group! We have weekly park days every Wednesday, board game days every 1st and 3rd Monday and tons of other events through out the months.

Little Urban Explorers

A secular group of unschoolers and homeschoolers from Minneapolis and the surrounding communities who meet every Thursday, year-round, for classes, field trips, and less-structured meetups.

Los Angeles Unschoolers

An eclectic community in Los Angeles providing support to families who live outside the traditional school box. Our weekly parkdays are small enough to be intimate, large enough for kids of all ages to find a group with which to “hang out.”

Natural Learners

A meetup group of free-thinking, unschooling families. We encourage all ages to join. We have a wide range of activities including (but not limited to) social gatherings at members’ homes, park gatherings, hikes, book discussion groups and more.

Nature Play ALC

A co-parenting club and non-formal education collective, based in northern Athens, Greece, hosting regular trainings, pop-up events and camps to help nurture a pioneering Agile Learning Community in the outdoors of North Evia.

Oyna Yap Boz

“Oyna Yap Boz” is a project advocating for child-led play and self-directed education. It is a non-profit project that works on translating and creating documents about SDE and organizing child-led play events.

Oyna Yap Boz

This is a community project to support children’s play and learning. The project is run by volunteers/parents who organize play events and field trips.

RVA Unschoolers

A group created to foster community among unschooling families in Richmond, VA. This is a space for sharing information, organizing meet-ups, discussing relevant topics, and supporting one another.

Rogue Valley Unschoolers

A group for families in the Rogue Valley who are currently unschooling or are seriously considering it. We plan events to get together and have fun! Park days, potlucks, bowling, hiking, craft events, game events, book swaps; the sky’s the limit!

SOAR (Society of Autodidactic Radicals)

A group of actively unschooling & radical unschooling families in Brevard County, Florida that get together frequently for support and connections for the adults and kids alike!

Salt Lake Unschoolers

A group for unschooling families living in the Salt Lake area. We welcome unschooling discussions, questions, and challenges. We also welcome your invitations to play, and meet other unschoolers!

San Francisco Homeschooling & Unschooling Group

A group meant to build a community for those that are interested in homeschooling, unschooling, or doing both partially. The group’s ​hub is in San Francisco​, but those in the greater Bay Area are welcome as well.

Seacoast Unschooling

A group for Seacoast unschooling families to come together, share interesting activities, discuss unschooling philosophy, and organize & share local social events, such as potlucks, playdates, park days, family activities, workshops, etc.

Seattle Unschoolers

A group for sharing local Seattle area resources and meeting other local unschoolers.

Southcoast Homeschoolers & Unschoolers

A hyperlocal group for homeschoolers/unschoolers living on or near the Southcoast of MA and RI to build connections and share & create local programs and events.

Tacoma Unschoolers

A group designed for the Tacoma area unschooling community. The purpose of this group is to allow for Tacoma area unschoolers who are actively unschooling or genuinely intending to unschool to meet in person and get to know each other!

Tulsa Unschooling Co-op

A non-hierarchical learning experience for children 0-125 years old. We work together to create stimulating learning experiences for ourselves and one another. We practice non-aggression and use non-violent communication.

Twin Cities Unschoolers

This group aims to create a community of unschooling families in the Twin Cities metro area that connect both online and in real life for field trips, friendship, and support.

Union County Homeschoolers/Unschoolers

A group for parents and caregivers of children who aren’t in traditional public or private schools, to help us share ideas and methods and try to create & organize group outings and events in Union County, Georgia.

Unschool Central Kentucky

This group is for people who are interested in creating an unschooling community in central Kentucky: homeschoolers, teachers, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, craftspeople, concerned community members...

Unschoolers of Brevard South

A group of families unschooling and homeschooling in the southern region of Brevard County, Florida. We have events monthly, weekly park days and special events.

Unschoolers of Central Wake

We meet 8-10 times a month at playgrounds, museums, coffee shops and who knows where else, creating a steady, supportive in-person community for ourselves and our children in a non-competitive, social environment where learning comes naturally.

Unschooling Bornholm

Welcome guide & community for homeschoolers and unschoolers on the Danish island Bornholm. Meetup group:


A place for Victoria-area homelearners to post meet-ups, get-togethers, and park days.

Wellington County Unschoolers

Wellington County and surrounding area unschooling families. Ask questions, make friends and set up hang outs. We are like minded and sort of in our own category so let’s find each other locally and create a local unschooling community!

Wichita Unschoolers

A local meet up group where Wichita area homeschoolers seeking more connections for their self-directed and/or unschooled children can meet in person for regular activities.

Wildling Collective

Whole-family social support for unschoolers + homeschoolers along the Front Range.

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